Snake River Island Hop

Surprise Yourself. April 27, 2019

The Snake River Island Hop (SRIH) is a USATF sanctioned 100km ultra marathon (with 50km option) designed for the person who has successfully completed a marathon and wants to see if they can push themselves to run farther, but gets intimidated by all of the ultra marathons out there that feature a lot of elevation gain and/or gnarly trails.  SRIH is run on the Columbia Plateau Trail in Eastern Washington State.  The course is flat.  The trail is mostly gravel and can be run with sturdy running shoes.   SRIH is designed to provide a positive and safe experience for beginning trail and ultra runners.  So instead of wondering if you can do it, come join us at the Snake River Island Hop and surprise yourself.

THE FIRST EVER SNAKE RIVER ISLAND HOP IS NOW A PIECE OF ULTRA RUNNING HISTORY!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! Thanks to all the runners and volunteers who made the day a success.  We hope to have the salty dog veterans come back to run with us again next year and welcome the new runners looking to surprise themselves with a smile and open arms.

It can get lonely out there once the runners of the 50km run leave the course.

Runners participating in the 100km event can elect to have a pacer join them for the second 50km leg of the run.

Runners who choose to have a pacer join them will have to indicate their preference at time of registration.

They do not have to name who their pacer is but they will have to pay an additional $30 to cover food, hydration and permit costs for their pacer.   This fee is non-refundable so you may consider trying to find out if there is another entrant who is also trying to run at your same pace.

Pacers will have access to food and hydration at the aid stations but will not receive a shirt, medal or water bottle.

All pacers will have to sign a liability waiver prior to being allowed on the course.

Pacers will be identified by a special bib to be visibly worn on the course.  The bib will be handed out only after the pacer has signed the liability waiver.

Pacers not wearing a bib will be asked to leave the course.



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